Customer relations programs - the customers and you

When products and services are sold, the most important aspect is the emotional one. Arguments play a smaller role than the trust that a customer places in the salesperson.
Facts address the mind, while trust comes from the heart. This is the base of our customer relations programs.

The outdoor training enables you to master difficult situations with the support of the group, which consists of your customers and co-workers.

Events and experiences made together create a lasting bond, and everybody remembers them fondly even years later. The trust which people develop in training intensifies your relations to your customers. "The person on the other end of the line now is more than just a face - they are a good acquaintance.

In addition, the training offers the possibility to reflect upon existing relations and to revive them through the experiences made together.

The moderation of our experienced trainers can help discover friction areas and develop new values and strategies together: a good start to put them into action later on.

... "We thought hard about what we should do for our 12 best customers", says sales manager Thomas Hogenschurz.