Incentives / Congresses / Events

The trend of using incentives as a means to enable people to do better work is now stronger than ever. The reason for the effectiveness of incentives is the prospect of a special goal which cannot be achieved any other way. They are rewards and prizes for the meeting or surpassing of a certain goal. Participation is a visible sign of belonging to the best.

""... I thought it was very good to get to know my colleagues from a different perspective ..."

Our outdoor corporate programs include fun and adventure, but turn the adventure into an experience which motivates without any further incentives. In addition, outdoor training is an instrument of staff development - without explicitly announcing this to the participants. The result is a synergy effect with a lot of promise - not only because of low costs. One goal is the combination of adventure and experience to increase the identification with the company, to strengthen the participants' self-confidence and to motivate them to do better still. 

Method: social learning processes are interwoven with fun, challenge and thrill, thus creating the framework for transporting company and product messages.

Incentives and congresses with lasting impressions are tailored to the needs of companies and co-workers. We offer a standard program for summer and winter (more information on, but it goes without saying that we also try to put your own, personal ideas into practice ... ranging from alpine and glacier golf to creating your own tooth amulet ...

  • Creating and accompanying of Staff and Organisation development Processes
  • Congresses and Conferences
    • accommodation proposals
    • organising the ideal rooms in hotels, convention halls, etc. 
    • creating a suitable supporting program
    • looking after the participants also after the daily events, adventures pedagogics, camps for pupils, youth groups and students