Custom-made - Goal and context

Training always has a concrete goal, which can be derived from an existing problem situation or a goal for the future:

"The bridge looked quite different on paper. Looks like reality caught up with theory ..."

A project group can't keep their schedule. Reasons are tensions within the team and lack of communication. Training goal: Reduction of tension, team development, enhancement of communication and, through all that, the avoiding of time pressure. Recognizing the project goal is important.

To stay ahead on the market, companies need a better relationship with their customers. This is done by creating a new strategy. Training goal: identification with this strategy and motivation to put it into practice. Nature Sport Tirol develops exercises according to company-specific goals. The presentation of the transfer meetings is especially directed at achieving these goals. Our guideline is that the participants should not feel forced to do anything: "challenge by choice".

In addition to that, internal subjects like new visions, strategies, products or corporate identity can be included. To ensure authenticity, these special segments can be done by managers of the various companies.

That way, individual, "custom-made" solutions can be found, guaranteeing a maximum of efficiency and effectivity.