Management training - Leading instead of "putting out fires"

Strong competition on the market on one side and the reduction of employees as well as hierarchy levels on the other almost certainly lead to higher pressure on a high number of managers.

The consequences are fatal: Instead of creating structures which permit quick reactions and are, at the same time, integrated in medium- and long-term plans, more and more people simply "put out fires". They lack time to reflect upon their own management and communication behaviour and improve it. Thorough analysis is the exception; this is responsible for a lack of constructive feedback. Good ideas and the employees' creativity are often ignored. The result is frustration.

Goals are motivation and increasing efficiency and effectivity of an organisation by improving people's own communication and leading skills.

Method: People experience the inadequacy of old mechanism in model exercises. Every exercise demands new solutions. People need creativity, personal effort and team work.

Outdoor Management Trainings includes Subjects like:

  • Communication,
  • ability to criticise,
  • social competence,
  • making decisions,
  • motivation of oneself and of others,
  • responsibily of one person and of many,
  • leading co-workers in stress situations,
  • delegation,
  • structuren of functioning team work,
  • Belbin's team roles,
  • use of resources.

One's own limits are discovered and expanded. Far away from the limiting habits of one's work place, new attempts and solutions for everyday's problems are sought. Training and feedback support reflexion on one's own management and communication behaviour. The training offers space to try and work out new behaviour patterns.