Method of Learning: Transfer

Age and increasing involvement in the job world reduce a lack of inhibition and the freedom to try new things, while the fear of personal failure and loss of face grows. Mistakes have a negative impact on image and assessment, they are bad for the department and the entire company. That way, inhibitions are created, with disasterous effects on everyone's development and also for their efficiency in the company.

"... I never thought I could use that much in everyday life ..."

  • support of a trusting and responsible way of dealing with each other in the team, and recognising the resulting advantages,
  • the possibility to cross personal thresholds, strengthening one's own self-confidence that way.

Conventional seminars can impart knowledge, but are usually not very good for reducing learning difficulties and starting changes of behaviour.
Nature Sport Tirol Training focuses on the original way of learning, with the help of adventure and curiosity and on working in a group. Fun plays an important part here.

In a secure and controlled environment, the participants are put in an unusual, intense situation:

  • Challenges combined with an objectively unfounded fear, like that of losing control, failure, or even heights.
  • Necessity of developing strategies together and their immediate realisation within the group.

The participants have their own experiences, which they reflect upon in trainer-moderated meetings and assess in relation to their job situation. The second step - transfer - consists of transferring the results of the reflection meetings into concrete plans for everyday life..  A "follow up" after about 6 - 8 weeks ensures and intensifies the training success.