MBTI - Myers-Briggs Typenindikator - C. G. Jung's theory about personality types

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is helpful for self-assessment. It helps people to understand their own preferences and strenths, the effects of those on everyday work and people's different ways of dealing with problem situations. At the same time, it highlights the differences between the various types and the things that they have in common, while making easier the giving and receiving of feedback.

Every human experience involves either perception or judgment and takes place on the level of action or imagination. Type theory is about common and differents aspects of behaviour:

  • Extraversion and Introversion
  • Sensing and Intution
  • Thinking and Feeling
  • Judging and Perceiving

The MBTI is used by more than a million people worldwide. It is based on the theory of C. G. Jung regarding personality types and is often used in companies for education and introduction of team work and feedback structures:

  • To create a climate in which differences are not turned into problems but seen as positive and precious contributions.
  • To help a group realize and make use of each one's strenghts.
  • To create insight and understanding regarding the differnent way of dealing with problems and goals and their influence on the realisation of projects.
  • To make commication more effective, because every type - and by that, the preferred way of percetion and assessment - is taken into consideration and talked to correctly.
  • Type theory is a starting point, from which people continue to mature personally and socially.

The completion and assessment of the questionnaires, as well as a feedback talk with every participant, can take place in the training or before (e.g. in the company) - about 1-2 hours per feedback talk. In the training the various types and their differences are talked about again, then the participants work out together strengths and weaknesses, possibilties and potential difficulties for the entire team based on the types existing in the team.